bodyWe are only a few months into the New Year and we are getting amped up, putting the finishing touches on our new records. We have also been rehersing them acoustically for some shows and radio bits we have coming up. They both work remarkably well on acoustic guitars, and they both translate well live! We hoped to get on one of the bigger packages this Summer but we are still putting the final mojo on the mixes.  Since we went Indy, we have been funding everything ourselves. This has been a challenge, but having creative control over every aspect of what we do and how we bring this out is key to the longevity of the group. It’s nice being independent, and having the freedom to create some great Rock records un-encumbered by the outside pressure from corporate forces (suits). We can bring you our un-filtered Chopperkings brand of music the way we loved records when we were coming up from the first track to the last track.  And when our Big Top Circus comes to town we are hoping you all will come see us do our thing.

Thanks for your patience.. and it will be worth the wait!

“What else can we say?”, We are really stoked to finally have a new site!

Looking forward to hitting the road soon to support the “Built To Rock & “Built To Roll” albums.

Thx, Chopperkings  

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