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About 3D Records

3D Records

Founded by Chopper Phillips in 1998, 3D Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, CA. 3D Records was born out of the frustration of not being able to find a full-service major label that specialized in the kind of rock music that Phillips was into. Another driver to start 3D was to put out projects that could evolve in their own time in the studio, and without the pressure or lack of understanding on how to competently work that artist’s record and career when the album was done.

“A place where tour support and label support were part of the deal” states Phillips”.

The “touring behind the record” business model was virtually non-existent.

IMG_30313D’s earliest days started at the legendary Kendon Recording studios in Burbank CA.
Seminal Artists such as Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Delaney & Bonnie, The Ventures, The Doobie Bros, Guns & Roses, and Stevie Wonder all recorded some of their biggest albums there..

Phillips recalls; “It was conversations with
legendary Guitarist’s/Artist/s
Delaney Bramlet, and Duane Eddy, that got Phillips thinking about how they made records back in the day”.

“Phillips thought, if we can keep the spirit of that artistry, and couple it with careful attention to the recording process, that could be the driver that could help define 3D Records”.

“3D set out to be primarily a rock label that could support an Artist/ or group’s vision while recording and supporting the kind of music we were into”, said Phillips ”.

“In addition, We put up everything we had to do this, and 3D Records was ready to Roll...” “It has not been easy, but we are in it for the long haul.”

“Recording Artist and Tour Support as well as Merchandise Support” says Phillips.”
It has always been 3D’s goal to market and sell the recorded music (and related merchandise) of artists whose music we really and truly love, and also to have a solid support network in place to represent these artists as faithfully and diligently as possible.

Even with the virtual collapse of the Music Business, as we know it. 3D keeps a flexible yet firm footing in this changing environment.

3D has since moved to it’s current location, that boasts a state of the art Analog/Digital recording studio. Splitting duties between vintage API, Neve and Electrodyne platforms and modern instrument collections second to none, 3D can take the time to create a special sonic landscape and make great recordings.

Top personnel keep things running at 3D.
Our goal is to self sustain and keep putting out great records even in arguably one of the toughest of environments the music business has ever seen.

With up-coming releases by rock outfit ChopperKings, alt rockers Machineka, and the rocking outlaw swagger of Playboy Pickers.

3D Records truly defined is, “A Label Built For Rock.”,

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